Barney Flannery Osteopaths

1A Mary Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth

Meet the Team

Barney Flannery Osteopaths have been based in Drogheda for over 20 years. Initially, the practice was a one-man operation and then, as patient numbers increased, a second Osteopath was required. Over the years, a number of Osteopaths, both men and women, worked with the practice. Kevin Prendergast joined in 2010 and, that same year, it was decided that, in order to keep things going smoothly, a receptionist was required, and so, the team we have today was established.

There are currently five people working in the practice. Osteopaths, Barney Flannery, Kevin Prendergast, Alix Massary and on reception, Margo Kelly and Elaine Byrne. We are currently in the process of updating our website, so apologies, profiles are a little out of date. Profiles will be included shortly for Alix and Elaine - Josephine left our clinic recently to return to France.

Barney Flannery

Barney Flannery

My Name is Barney Flannery and I have been in practice for 20 years.

I can hardly remember where I trained, it's like a distant memory. I studied at the Institute of Physical Therapy, Dublin, obtainig a Diploma. I then went across the Irish Sea to the northern counties School of Osteopathy in Durham where I achieved a D.O. I have studied Cranial Osteopathy (Craniosacral Therapy) extensively - first with the Upledger Institute and subsequently with the Karuna Institute and Sutherland Cranial College.

As every person in the world is different so will treatment differ from one patient to the next. My aim with all patients is to find the cause of the problem, the solution to that cause and administer a suitable treatment plan with healing time to give a final resolution, in an appropriate time frame, for each patient. In doing so, I use all the skills I have learned and practised successfully over the years. (Deep tissue massage, structural Osteopathy and Craniosacral Theapy). I treat all the conditions you haver read about on our web site. I treat babies, which I love, people with special needs and people of all ages - right up into their 80's.

Myself, well I'm a simple guy (although my wife doesn't agree). I've been involved in athletics most of my life and am generally interested in all sports. I take a keen interest in world affairs. I keep up-to-date with Osteopathic developments, have a wife and three, almost adult, family. I am well occupied by all of the above.


Kevin Prendergast

Hello, my name is Kevin Prendergast and I am a registered osteopath with the osteopathic council of Ireland.

I started working with Barney Flannery Osteopaths in 2010 after I completed my osteopathic training in London at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, also known as BCOM. Prior to this I completed an honours degree in rehabilitation studies. This background has provided me with a number of techniques to help/resolve those musculoskeletal issues which many people encounter in their daily lives. Furthermore as a qualified osteopath I am required to complete cpd (continual professional development) on a yearly basis to maintain and add to my existing knowledge, helping to further improve patient treatment and experience.

When I am not working I like to attend the gym and keep healthy. I like to play golf and try to hack my way around a golf course. Overall I try to keep active!


Raquel Neva Sánchez

Hi, my name is Raquel and I am a registered osteopath with the Osteopatic Council of Ireland.

I studied Physical Therapy in the University of Cádiz (Spain) and then I decided to continue studying osteopathy at the School of Osteopathy of Madrid (EOM), also in Spain.

I have been working since 2015 in different places including Hospital settings. During these years I have worked with great professionals with whom I could learn a lot, not only about pathologies and treatment, but also about people.

The body is extraordinary and incredibly complex, everything is connected: the musculoskeletal system, the visceral system, the cranium, the mind, the biochemistry (including hormons and what we eat). And in the presence of an illness or injury, we should have all of them in mind.

I consider myself a person who is very dedicated to this profession always willing to learn and improve my skills with the aim of helping people.


Margo Kelly

Hi, I’m Margo and I have been ‘manning’ the reception at the clinic since April 2010. Prior to joining the clinic I worked extensively in secretarial and administrative positions both in Ireland and the UK. I enjoy working at the clinic which, although busy, manages to retain a relaxed atmosphere which I put down to the approach taken by our Osteopaths

I like meeting and dealing with people and am happy to help in a friendly and efficient manner wherever possible. I will make you an appointment and, if I can, answer any query you may have - if I can’t answer your query I’ll arrange for someone who can to give you a call.